Back to School & Best Friends

August 06, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

There are quite a few adorable back to school photos floating around Facebook and Pinterest these days! It's that time of year again but for some of us, we are taking our very first back to school photos as our first babies make that giant leap to Kindergarten! We dropped Max off at school today for the very first time and man oh man, it was bitter sweet!!! 

A few weeks ago I found this gem of a desk at a yard sale and I HAD to have it! I knew at first sight that that desk needed to be put in an orchard and photographed! Let's face it, I think pretty much everything should be thrown in an orchard and have its picture taken! :) Fortunately, Max was just as enthusiastic about this mini session as I was (That NEVER happens)! Maybe it was because he has been wanting to go to kindergarten since he was two or because I let him get a new pair of shoes for the occasion, or MAYBE it was because I invited his bests friend along? I don't really care the reason, I am just glad I didn't have to bribe him for the money shot! :)

Matthew is Max's best friend. He is the first friend Max made on his very own! Matthew's mom and I worked out at the same gym, at the same time but were complete strangers until one of the child care providers mentioned the fact that our boys were inseparable! We exchanged numbers and started saying hello at the gym and long story short, Matthew's mom and I also became inseparable! Anyways, sorry for the detour! Matthew will be starting kindergarten this year as well and while I am sad the boys will not be at the same school, I am so glad they have taught each other what a true friend looks like. I also have a little peace of mind sending my boy off knowing his friend picking skills are spot on! 

Good Luck Max, Matthew, and all the other littles going to big ol' Kindergarten! 


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