Jayda's Pink Cake Smash in the Desert

October 30, 2015  •  2 Comments

Most days, if you asked me, "What were you doing on this day last year?" I would have no idea, But today, I know exactly what I was doing on this day last year, and I can even tell you what I was doing at this exact time! At this exact time I was getting a text from my daughter's preschool teacher (and my friend) that she was in labor and that she needed me to go to her house and be her stand in teacher for the day because it was the preschool Halloween Party! So at this exact time last year, I was kind of panicking! ;) 

The preschool party went off with only a few hitches and I quickly jumped in the car and raced over to the hospital so I could start photographing the new little squishy baby! Jayda was here! Safe and Sound! 

It seems unreal that today we celebrate her 1st birthday! Jayda is literally one of the happiest babies I have ever known. She is the youngest of 6 kids and is so easy going. She has the sparkliest eyes and cutest dimples and flashes them to anyone who looks her way and quickly gets whatever she wants! It has been a fun year watching her grow!


We headed out to the middle of the White Tank Mountains to my favorite wash to do her one year session. Enjoy!

She absolutely LOVED the Cake (Busy Bear Sweets)! I wish we had a video of this session as well because she was literally saying "MMMMMMMmmmmmmm!!!" the whole entire time!  Happy First Birthday Jayda Bug! 


Cake: Busy Bears Sweets

Party Hat: Little Blue Olive


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