Merry Christmas From My Family To Yours

December 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


As a photographer, the holiday season can be super hectic.I think I heard another photographer compare this time of the year for us, to tax season for accountants and I couldn't agree more. I have spent many hours at photo shoots and countless hours at the computer editing. There have been plenty of late nights, important dates, events, and details (like sending my kiddo to school with a lunch) forgotten, and friends/family neglected but it has truly been so rewarding and so worth it. I absolutely love seeing all of my client's holiday cards arrive in the mail, It is so fun to meet so many new faces, and I truly love getting to photograph clients/friends year after year. Getting to witness (and capture) their families grow and change is hands down my favorite part of my job. If you chose me to photograph your family, your wedding, or your baby bump this year, I would like to say Thank You once again! 

Now, for my family holiday photos... I am kind of obsessed! :) See, photographing your kids is a completely different beast! All of my photographer friends will agree. Photographer kids are the worst! So when clients apologize over and over thinking that their kids made me work extra hard, they can rest easy knowing my kids made their kids look like angels! Max (7) & Mia (4) are not exactly thrilled with my profession. The groans that spew from their mouths as soon as they see me reach for my camera are absolutely pathetic. Their moans and groans are quickly followed by bartering. "If we are good for the photo shoot, what will you give us?" "Can we get ice cream? A dollar?" The WORST I tell you. I always assure them that they will be so glad they have nice photos of themselves to show their future spouses and children and when that doesn't work, I agree to the ice cream because, I will most likely also be feeling the need for a treat when the photo shoot is over (glass of wine preferably but an ice cream cone is a good option too).

I hope your holiday season has been as full and fun as ours!


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