McDonnell Family

March 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Elizabeth Mcdonnell (of Elizabeth McDonnell Photography) and I decided to do a little swap this fall and if you ask me, it was one of the funnest days of 2014, if you ask my husband, it was one of the worst days of his life! UGH why do husbands have to be so dramatic about picture day?  Seriously though, almost every family session I do, the mom warns me about her super photo awkward husband who (she swears) is never this grumpy! :) 


Despite this being a day or two after Thanksgiving, we sucked in our guts and both families ended up with pretty cute Christmas cards this year! Fair warning: I am having a hard time narrowing down which photos to put on the blog... it may end up being the whole gallery but Little Graham is the cutest thing there ever was! And then you add GUUURRRRLLLL, the pup, in to the mix and FORGET IT!



Some guys just need a little pep talk from their mama.

The following is the photo the McDonnell's used for their card.

And in case you were wondering what my family looks like after Elizabeth worked her magic:


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